Pinto Burger

Made of Pinto beans, this makes for another superb foo d for the iron-deficient, the athlete or those just seeking a new way to have their protein. This is lovely as an open faced sandwich with spicy arugula underneath and a mango salsa on top to lighten it up.


Water, oat, rice, pinto beans, green pepper, onions, carrots, canola oil, sea salt, spices.
May contain traces of sesame seeds.
No Trans Fat
No Peanuts

Serving Suggestions

Vegan Bowl
Green Salad w Tofu
Shefu Salad

Superfu-Energy Food!

Take a closer look in the tofu section of your local grocery or natural food store- introducing Super Fu! The name, Super Fu refers to the burst of energy you’ll receive when you eat these delicious products.

This amazingly versatile pre-cooked product can be eaten cold or lightly heated in oven, pan or steamer. Freezes well too.